By Marcin Olszweski

“Xavier you are a life-saver! I made some serious mistakes that put my citizenship in jeopardy. I love America and I was about to be deported back to Poland. I didn’t know what to do. Thank God a good friend of mine recommended Xavier Gonzales as being one of the best Immigration and Criminal lawyers in Las Vegas. My chances of getting a Green Card were next to impossible. After a few meetings with Xavier, he felt confident he could help me. I can honestly say after talking with him I had hope that everything would turn out ok. It wasn’t an easy road, but I knew Xavier was on top of it all and he knew what to do because of his success with similar cases. I’m happy to say I have my Green Card now and my life hasn’t been the same. I’m so grateful for this second chance. Life is great!

Thank you Xavier,”


By Oscar Nuñez

“A few months ago attorney Xavier Gonzales came to see me while I was detained by Immigration. Mr. Gonzales studied my case and even though he didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, I admired his honesty and the sincerity of his words. I was surprised of the knowledge he had of my situation. He always had answers to my questions. Every time we were in court, his knowledge and preparation were impeccable. I was also very impressed with the respect the Judge showed him.

Today, I live happily with my family in Las Vegas, and I can testify with all my heart that I owe this to the grace of God and to the dedication, preparation, and professionalism demonstrated by attorney Xavier Gonzales: To whom I will always be very thankful.”


By Dr. Stephen B. Shaw, D.C., P.C.

“As a Chiropractor, I have been involved on the medical end of many personal injury cases for the past ten years. One thing that I’ve learned, and have always emphasized to my patients, is choosing the right attorney is probably the most crucial decision that you could make for your case. I have gotten to know several of the “main player” attorneys in Las Vegas over the years, and unfortunately, have learned that many of them are not motivated to help their clients. Instead, they rely on quirky advertising to bring in as many clients as possible through their door, and negotiate quick and often disappointing settlements, which leaves my patients with unpaid bills, a broken vehicle, and sometimes unresolved medical issues.

I have had the pleasure of working with Xavier Gonzales on many personal injury cases. His clients are genuinely satisfied with the outcome of their settlements and we have never received a complaint from any of our patients who have retained Mr. Gonzales. I have learned that his methodology is different from most other attorneys. I believe strongly in the old saying, “If you’re going to a cat fight, bring a cat.” In other words, Mr. Gonzales is a trial attorney. He knows his way around a courtroom and has no problem suing a tough insurance company.

We will continue to refer our unrepresented patients to Mr. Gonzales’s law office. It is reassuring to be able to send our patients to someone that they can trust in their time of need.”


By Aleksander Cokic

“I hired Xavier Gonzales for my Immigration case. My case was more difficult than most. Mr. Gonzales went above and beyond to insure my family and I would be allowed to maintain residence and furthermore remain in the United States.

Mr. Gonzales was very thorough, going through all my documentation, case discovery and spending countless amount of hours making sure he was familiar with everything he needed to win my case. My family and I felt very comfortable with Mr. Gonzales, it was quite clear he had several years of experience with Immigration Law. Mr. Gonzales handled my case with professionalism, competence, and followed through with everything he said he would do, he always made himself available to me whenever I needed his advice.

Mr. Gonzales, won my case. I truly believe no one else would have been as diligent, along with the knowledge and expertise that he was to have won my case.

I am truly grateful to Mr. Gonzales, and very pleased that I chose him to handle my case. I have a wonderful job here in the United States, and am very happy.

I have recommended Mr. Gonzales, to several of my friends, and they have re-iterated the same feelings. I would highly recommend Mr. Gonzales, for any one that would need his services.”

- Aleksander Cokic



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